Tomorrow, Friday 3/21/14, SOFREP contributor Kerry Patton and I will sit in for our friend, Andrew Wilkow, on The Wilkow MajoritySirius XM Patriot 125 from 12-3 PM EST  providing perfectly executed military and national security analysis.

We’re bringing the heat with all our guests coming on:

Edmond Pope – Former Naval Intelligence Officer, private contractor, and author of Torpedoed.  Torpedoed tells Edmond’s true story of imprisonment in Russia after being accused of spying on behalf of the United States in Russia.

Chris Bemiss – Former Army Ranger working on behalf of GallentFew, a nonprofit that works to reduce US Army Ranger unemployment, homelessness, and eliminate Ranger veteran suicide.

Jeff Reyes – Army Combat Vet and producer/director currently working with Zulu 7 Media, an up and coming film and TV production company focused on “Militainment” as they put it.

Gregory Bishop & Geoff Stults – From the hilarious military comedy on Fox, Enlisted.  Bishop is a former Army Lieutenant Colonel who works as a military consultant on the show.  Stults plays the starring role of Sgt. Pete Hill .

Mark Slaughter – Frontman for Slaughter, known for their Top 40 charting Billboard hits “Fly to the Angels”, “Up All Night”, and “Spend My Life”.  Mark’s newest solo single is Never Givin Up, which a portion of the proceeds go to The Red Circle Foundation, so make sure you buy it on iTunes or and show your support!

…And of course the lineup couldn’t be complete without SOFREP Editor Brandon Webb who will be making a guest appearance.

Once again, it’s 12-3 PM EST on Sirius XM Patriot 125.  Make sure you tune in.  If you don’t have a Sirius XM subscription, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here.  We’ll be taking your live calls as well at 866-957-2874, we looking forward to hearing from the regulars on the site!