I wanted to take this time to update you guys on where we’re going with the SOFREP TV.  It was my vision to have a show where you got a peak behind the curtain of the Spec Ops TEAM room. I think I’ve accomplished this and I’m already working on the next season that will feature members of the US Army Rangers and Special Forces including SOFREP managing editor Jack Murphy.

Producing quality content costs money and INSIDE THE TEAM ROOM is no exception to this. We forked out enough to buy a new car for this experiment gone good. I also made the decision to not insert advertisers (we had plenty of offers) into the show because those front loaded ads on YouTube drive me crazy and I didn’t want to inflict that on you guys.

So how do we continue to keep INSIDE THE TEAM ROOM going without sponsor porn sprinkled into the edit process?  It’s very simple. We offer an affordable monthly subscription for SOFREP TV.  Please understand how important your support is to us, we are offering a yearly subscription for less than two cups of Starbucks coffee and we’re only just getting started.  Thank you for all your support and in getting the word out.

Now join us in taking the beachhead of TV mediocrity with hostile fire….