Welcome to SOFREP TV’s Training Cell: Urban Climbing with REVAC USA.

In special operations, you seem to spend a fair amount of time dangling from a rope. You must get comfortable with it, and you must learn to do it correctly, lest it bite you in the proverbial ass. That’s where REVAC USA comes in and why they are featured on this episode of SOFREP TV’s Training Cell.


REVAC USA is a company that specializes in tactical rope systems and training for military, law enforcement, and rescue operations. They focus on providing training and equipment for operations that involve vertical access and evacuation, which can include rappelling, climbing, and other rope-based techniques. REVAC USA’s offerings typically aim to enhance safety and efficiency for personnel engaged in high-risk environments, helping them to navigate difficult terrains or situations where traditional access methods are impractical or impossible. Their training covers both the technical skills required for rope work and the tactical applications of these skills in various operational scenarios.

Check out the video and learn more about tactical rope work.