**UPDATE** The Reading Group poll for September has ended and the Winner is ‘Dirty Wars’ by Jeremy Scahill. 

Here is the link to the thread discussion of this book.

*UPDATE* The Reading Group poll for September is up now and can be found here. Voting ends on September 3rd, midnight Pacific time. 

Hello Underground! Reading group nominations for September are now open, and you can nominate your favorites until Friday at midnight, Pacific Time. For all the new people who are unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, please take a few minutes to learn more about the SOFREP Mafia Reading Group.

Nominate your favorites by replying to me in the Book Club Forum, page 10.

Cliff Notes version:

It’s pretty straightforward, each month we nominate and vote on a book to read together.

After reading the book, post your comments and points of view in the relevant thread in the forums. Each book has it’s own thread, and each thread is always open, so if you come in late, feel free to express your views. What books? At this time*, any book that you think the SOFREP Underground would appreciate reading. No limits on topics, genres, etc.