The debut of the SOFREP Team Room cartoon feature depicts Managing Editor Stavros Atlamazoglou clad in flamboyant pirate attire leading his mob of writers, termed his “pirate crew,” forward into the resurrected SOFREP format. Against odds, “Charge!” he cries out in his native Greek language.

Heavy-lift writer Alex “A-Blast” Hollings follows swinging from a (pirate ship’s) rope while being sliced in the corners of his mouth by one of his own self-made specimens of fine cutlery, unbeknownst that his omnipresent lil’ daughter is at his heels.

Combat Kurt Troter enters the scene to join the group and to plug his latest high capacity pistol magazine that holds 40-rounds of 9 x 19mm ammunition.

(George Hand’s first SOFREP-specific cartoon.)

Our big bearded brother Vasilis “Bill” Chronopoulos makes a cameo appearance to take yet another selfie to add to his Facebook wall to prove he has been present once again at an amazing place and with interesting people. Add to the selfies a smattering of photos of closeups of various dinner meals.

The author is barely seen tucked away in his entombing structure tapping away at a keyboard, probably not wearing any pants, burning his one lump of coal that his boss Bob Cratchit’ed to him to try to stay warm as he writes.

All the while our boss, Brandon Webb, looks quietly on at the motley crew in silence and perceived disbelief.

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Bold times call for bold measures.