Hi Everybody – I wanted to give you an update on the status of SOFREP.com, SOFREP Team Room, and our change to the subscription model we mentioned a few days ago.

First, we aren’t dont yet. We have merged Team Room into SOFREP.com, but we ran into an issue last night that prevented us from completing the subscription integration. As a result, the website is in this odd ‘almost there’ state. It’s usable, but stuff missing (and a lot of you are noticing).

We do know what the issues are and hope to have this completed tonight, but if not tonight, it will be completed Monday morning at the latest.

When we are done you’ll clearly see how to join. Each subscription topic will display its title, featured image and summary text, and then we’ll drop in a registration CTA to ask you to join so you can continue reading.

This will take you to a secure ordering page where you’ll be able to pay via credit card or PayPal.

You’ll also see a login button located prominently in the sidebar on every page just below the Search box. That button will link you to our secure login page, where you’ll login and continue reading and commenting on articles.

It’s been a long weekend for us and we apologize for the mess. But we’ll be through this soon enough and back to bringing you our brand of great SOF and military content and journalism.

Thanks for your time on SOFREP, we do appreciate it!