Welcome to SOFREP Video: Heroes of Special Operations.

Today, our panel of special operations veterans (former Green Beret Jack Murphy, former Navy SEAL and SOFREP CEO Brandon Webb, former Recon Marine Bill Janson, and former US Air Force Pararescueman Dan Lake) talk about the men they admire for giving their all in the service of our nation.

Jack shares a touching tribute to Jared Van Aalst, a revered platoon sergeant in the 3rd Ranger Battalion, highlighting his exceptional leadership, marksmanship skills, and deep commitment to his soldiers. Van Aalst’s story exemplifies the quintessence of dedication and excellence, leaving a lasting legacy within the Ranger community and all those fortunate enough to have served with him.

Master Sergeant Van Aalst died during combat operations in Kunduz province, Afghanistan, in early August 2010. He was on his sixth deployment.