Today, SOFREP Video highlights an interview our very own “Rad” Radl did with well-known author, Rolling Stone and GQ editor Stayton Bonner. The topic is bare-knuckle boxers, specifically a brute of a man by the name of Bobby Gunn.

Who is Bobby Gunn?

Bobby Gunn is a Canadian bare-knuckle boxer and former professional traditional boxer known for his tough, no-nonsense fighting style. Born on December 25, 1973, in Ontario, Canada, Gunn has made a name for himself in the world of bare-knuckle boxing, earning the nickname “The Celtic Warrior.”

Career Highlights:

  1. Professional Boxing:
    • Gunn began his professional boxing career in the traditional ring, fighting in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.
    • He amassed a professional boxing record with a mixture of wins, losses, and draws, showcasing his resilience and determination. More specifically, his professional record was 23 wins, 7 losses, and one draw. 
  2. Bare-Knuckle Boxing:
    • Gunn transitioned to bare-knuckle boxing, a sport known for its raw and brutal nature, devoid of the gloves used in traditional boxing.
    • He has competed in various high-profile bare-knuckle bouts, earning respect for his skills and toughness.
  3. Notable Fights:
    • One of Gunn’s most notable fights in bare-knuckle boxing was against former WBA light middleweight champion Glen McCrory in 2014, which he won by knockout.
    • He also faced off against Roy Jones Jr., a legendary figure in the boxing world, in a gloved boxing match in 2017, though he lost the bout.
  4. Bare-Knuckle Record:
    • Gunn claims an impressive record in bare-knuckle boxing of 73 wins and 0 losses, although the exact numbers can be hard to verify due to the sport’s underground and less regulated nature. 
  5. Legacy and Impact:
    • Bobby Gunn is considered one of the modern pioneers of bare-knuckle boxing, helping to bring more attention and legitimacy to the sport. His fighting spirit and willingness to take on any challenge have made him a respected figure in the combat sports community.

Personal Life:

Gunn’s life outside the ring has also been marked by his passion for the sport and his dedication to maintaining the traditions of bare-knuckle boxing. Despite retiring in 2018, he continues to be involved in the sport, promoting events and inspiring the next generation of fighters.

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You can pick up a copy of Stayton Bonner’s book on Gunn here.