Team Room – a lot of our subscribers have been asking for a weekly version of our newsletter, which now make available via the subscribe form in our sidebars.

Our newsletter is nothing fancy – it’s simply a digest of latest posts with a little sponsorship.  We send it out to let you know what’s happening on the website, and as a way to get caught up if you miss a few days. The weekly newsletter is a larger digest of SOFREP content than our daily version.

We had a simple question for you: When you subscribe to the weekly version, do you want us to automatically unsubscribe you from the daily version? You sounded off, and 54.76% of you said ‘No’ to that question. 54.76%! Our crack survey team takes their results seriously, obviously…


So if you subscribe to the weekly newsletter, it’s your option to also get the daily version, which was my preference anyhow.

Thank you once again for your participation!


– Charlie