According to recent reporting from AP News, a Somali suicide bomber in an explosives-laden vehicle accidentally killed himself prematurely while attempting to park the vehicle near the target location ahead of the scheduled attack window.

Sources familiar with the incident report that the somewhat overzealous suicide bomber was attempting to parallel park* his vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) in the vicinity of a hotel frequented by African Union and Somali officials. During the course of parking, the explosives accidentally detonated, killing the driver instantly.

In what hails as another great contestant for the Darwin Award, the suicide bomber no doubt recognized his premature mistake as he wished for another opportunity to first make another attempt to park his vehicle, and second, take his own life at a time and place of his choosing.  While the location and device were readily available, the timing of the detonation proved rather difficult to reset.  Conveniently, only the suicide bomber was killed, with no additional casualties or injuries resulting from the blast.

This VBIED incident was the second in two days in Mogadishu, the first being another gloriously failed attempt involving a second suicide VBIED attempting to target an African Union convoy conducting missions in the city.  With no regard for his own personal safety, the suicide bomber conveniently missed the convoy all together, killing only himself instead.