The Somali National Army (SNA) recently recaptured the key town of Ba’adweyn from al-Shabaab terrorists. The SNA has been conducting offensive operations for the past several months.

The Somali Army Strikes Back at al-Shabaab

Four months ago, al-Shabaab terrorists had captured the important supply town, located in the Mudug region. They had been using it as a base wherefrom to attack government facilities and officials, military bases, and the population. Al-Shabaab is aligned with al-Qaeda.

Somali state media announced that early on Tuesday, Somali troops pushed al-Shabaab out of Ba’adweyn and several neighboring towns including Haradhere and Imaamd, forcing many of the al-Shabaab terrorists to escape after their positions became untenable.

“Somali National Army along with Galmudug regional Darwish forces took over control of Ba’adweyn town and surrounding areas in the early hours of Tuesday, military officials confirmed,” the state media reported.