There is a lot of hate and vitriol flying around out there lately, admittedly on both sides of the political aisle, with regards to the refugee ban and stoppage of select immigrants recently enacted by the Trump administration.  This article is not going to litigate that issue.

What this article is going to do though is hopefully enlighten some readers with regards to the contributions made by some Muslims to the war on Islamic terrorism.  This author has been nauseated by recent tweets (I know, it is my own fault for spending too much time in the swamp) portraying all Muslims as woman-hating, female-genital-mutilating, gay-killing, anti-Jew and Christian heathens out to rule the world.

Generalize much?

Some have even claimed to me that one cannot possibly be a practicing Muslim and at the same time be a good American.  The underlying sentiment seems to be that Muslims are all imbued with a gene making them fundamentally unfit to be productive and functioning citizens of a democracy like ours.