As regular readers of this author will know, I have a soft spot for those who go from the world of U.S. special operations to the fire service.  Likewise, I admire those who stand out as parents and raise their kids using the skills, principals, and traits they developed in their professional lives within the special operations community.  I write about those subjects fairly regularly, after all, but it is a rare occasion when I get to combine them all into one article.

Today, I get to do so, as I introduce you to Taven Bryan, by way of an article in CNN’s Bleacher Report.

Bryan is a 6’5” 295-pound defensive lineman for the University of Florida Gators, and the son of former Navy SEAL and current Casper, Wyoming, firefighter Brandy Bryan.  Taven did not earn a spot in the Gators’ football program based solely on his physical ability, although that would have probably been enough given his speed, size, and athleticism.  Rather, his father also instilled in him a work ethic forged through hours spent working alongside his son in the construction business.

It is a little-known fact outside of the fire service that most firefighters work two jobs.  The schedule allows for it, given the typical 24 or 48 hours on duty, followed by 48 or 72 hours off.  That gives most firefighters plenty of time to work as builders, framers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC guys, and/or writers.  The relatively low pay of most firefighters also usually pushes them to look for a second source of regular income.