SpaceX, the commercial spaceflight company that has made repeated headlines in recent years for garnering NASA contracts to ferry equipment, and soon people, to and from the International Space Station made history once again on Thursday; this time for being the first private organization to re-launch a previously used orbital rocket.

The first stage of SpaceX’s Thursday SES-10 mission rocket has already made the trip to orbit as part of the CRS-8 mission in April of 2016.  The stage then returned to earth safely, landing aboard a drone ship at sea.  The retrieval of the rocket stage took place on April 8th; with the vertical landing accomplished using boosters that allow for a very science-fiction looking show.

Thursday’s mission lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida carrying a payload that included a telecommunications satellite that, once in proper orbit, will service Latin America.  The re-used booster stage then returned once again, safely landing aboard a drone platform in the Atlantic Ocean – ready to be recovered, and feasibly used again on later missions.

“It did this mission perfectly,” Mr. Musk said during a SpaceX broadcast of the launch. “It dropped off the second stage, came back and landed on the drone ship. Right in the bulls-eye.”