This is going to be the weirdest article you’ll read this week.

A e-mail hit our inbox the other day that was filled with passion and anger.  “I want all NATO officers executed in public like allied forces executed nazis officers after WWII, after a fair trial,” Alan de Astudillo wrote to us.  Claiming to be descended from Spanish nobility, Alan’s skill set includes “planetary intelligence” and “planetary PSYOPS” which he apparently puts to good use as a member of the 7th Earth Battalion, a non-military unit that is a part of retired LTC Jim Channon’s New Earth Army.  Most of you know Channon through a fictionalized portrayal of him by Jeff Bridges in the film, “the men who stare at goats.”

Jeff Bridges starred as a fictionalized Jim Channon in the film "The Men Who Stare at Goats."
Jeff Bridges starred as a fictionalized Jim Channon in the film “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”

“I gives ZERO fucks about monkey-blooded peasant slaves with fictional corporate titles,” Alan continued in his email.  “My blood and entire lineage has been nobility since Roman times and Titus Statilius Taurus, and my family is inter-married with the house of Bourbon. I really don’t give a fuck about any corporate title or fictional rank given to corporate monkey slaves. My blue blood is worth more than all your corporate titles combined,” he wrote.

Although I realized going into this that Alan and I were likely to have some political differences, his story was just too interesting not to follow up on.  Ancient European nobility, running off to fight NATO conspiracies and Neo-Nazis with a the New Earth Army, founded by a controversial New Age military officer after his service in the Vietnam War…this was not something you see every day.   Alan agreed to a interview.

SOFREP: How did you come to work with LTC Channon and the New Earth Army?

I was first introduced to Jim by Mark Amaru Pinkham, the author of Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar.  Mark was in one of my groups on facebook and we shared many interests. I liked Jim’s work and we eventually started working  together on a project called: The Combat of the Collective Conscience, which looks at Psychological Operations from Ancient to Modern times, in both military & civilians perspectives. That was our first project.

Jim Channon is a highly interesting, and colorful character, one that I had always wanted to meet myself since coming across his work while researching the Army’s Remote Viewing program nearly a decade ago.  Having served two tours in Vietnam as an Infantry officer, Channon returned home thinking about new ways that the United States could wage war, ones that don’t always require violence.  To say that Channon was thinking outside the box is an understatement.

LTC (ret.) Jim Channon

After being exposed to New Ager concepts in Post-Vietnam 1970’s America, Channon remained in the Army and was assigned to a Pentagon think-tank tasked with envisioning future methods of war. Channon’s concept was to create warrior monks who would make friends with enemy forces in novel new ways, including the employment of para-normal abilities.  When he pitched the idea to military commanders, they then made him the commander of the fictional First Earth Battalion in the New Earth Army.  Channon drafted a field manual for the US Army called First Earth Battalion Field Operations Manual which is definitely worth a read.

Unfortunately, Channon was ahead of his time and the Army was not quite ready to issue out hugs to Soviet soldiers on the battlefields of the future.  That said, his core idea of finding new ways of relating to the enemy and finding novel concepts to enact conflict resolution are well intended.  For my part, I always saw Channon as part of a generation of soldiers who saw so many Americans die in the Vietnam War and came back just shocked and horrified.  Committing himself to finding new ways to fight was noble if nothing else.

SOFREP reached out to Channon and he told us that Alan does in fact work with him and the New Earth Army.  He also said that Alan is free to speak his mind as he sees fit.  After Alan told me how he met Channon on Facebook, I asked him if he could detail his interesting family heritage.

SOFREP: Where are you from and could you describe your family background for us?

Identifying nobility bloodlines & family history takes a bit more time than identifying a national peasant slave with only national ID or a fictional corporate title so bear with me here. I’m the 1st Generation of a Conquistador lineage that immigrated to Quebec after the US government funded Augusto Pinochet’s Coup D’état in Chile, where my family had settled during the Conquista de las Indias (Latin America). The Astudillo name is the modern Castellano version of the Latin Roman family name STATILIUS.

In 34 BC, he accompanied Octavian on campaign to Dalmatia, and after Octavian’s return to Rome, Taurus remained in command of the troops stationed there. When war with Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra broke out, Taurus chose Octavian’s side and in the Battle of Actium, he was in command of Octavian’s land force. Antony’s land forces surrendered to him rather than fight him. This greatly accelerated the victory of Caesar Octavian. After the death of Antonius, Taurus was sent in 29 BC to Spain where he defeated the CantabriansVaccaei and Astures. He was later made consul ordinarius for the year 26 BC alongside Augustus, as Octavian was now known.In 16 BC, when Augustus left Italy for Gaul, he left Taurus in Rome as praefectus urbi. Until the second consulship of Tiberius in 7 BC, Statilius Taurus was the last man to hold multiple consulships.”

Our family has its Casa Solar near Burgos in Spain, but also had many more before & afterwards with different branches of the family, such as in Vizcaya, Guadalajara, and then what is now known as Latin America (obviously since we conquered all of it since the 15th & 16th centuries).  The city of Astudillo in the province of Palencia, Spain, bears our name, and we also have a castle that bears our name in that city, and although very unconventional in the Hidalguia, I consider the castle ruins to be my personal (not family’s) casa solar.

Friday the 13th, 1307, the Knights Templar are arrested and executed

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The castle is in ruins and is centuries old, built over the ruined fortress used by Kings & Nobles during the Spanish Reconquista in the war against the Al Andalus Caliphate, which itself was built over the ancients ruins of Roman Fortifications. First mention of our castle was in 1035 AD.

Now the city is not be confused with our bloodline, and although we have some family of course living in Spain, the majority of our bloodline is now in Latin America in the modern “republic” corporations, in positions such as Hector Antonio Astudillo Flores
 (born 3 July 1958) who is a Mexican lawyer and politician affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party.” 

The 1st Lady of Meiras, Grandee of Spain and wife of General Francisco Franco was the paternal granddaughter of Claudio Polo-Vereterra y Astudillo  (

My ancestors, Diego de Astudillo & Francisco de Astudillo served in Royal Order of Santiago, also have other ancestors who served in the Order of Alcantara, Calatrava, & the Hospitaller Order of St-John (Hospitaller Knights).

I myself am a Templar Sergeant in the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon.

Subscriptions to become a member of the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon runs from $11 to $77 a month.  Their website reads: “The modern Templar Order has removed artificial economic barriers to membership, and has adapted authentic traditions to modern realities. The historical practice of ‘Tithing’ is replaced by the new tradition of ‘Portioning’, as ongoing contributions of a modest monthly donation, in the form of a ‘subscription’ to maintain active interaction and participation with the Order through the Templar Network.”

SOFREP: When did you become politically active and begin campaigning against NATO?

The campaign against the US government & NATO began after we detected neo-nazis in the Euromaidan, and tracked their movements & communications during the illegal overthrow of the lawfully elected Yanukovych government. 

I’m the administrator & founder of a group called the International Observatory of Ukrainian Crisis (IOUC) with over 2500 members, and we’ve been gathering intelligence on everything going on there and around there concerning the crisis. I made multiple Intelligence Reports concerning the activities of the Euromaidan, and also made documentary video reports that are available online today.

In order to backstop his claims, Alan provided numerous links to youtube videos.

We’ve covered the Ukrainian conflict fairly extensively on SOFREP (with three of our writers getting boots on the ground there) and while it is certainly true that Neo-Nazis played a role in the battle from the Ukrainian side, the Russians also made extensive use of Neo-Nazis on the front lines.  The Russian military was more than willing to send Nazis and Chechens to die in Ukraine.  Sending people from Moscow could lead to a political crisis for the regime.

Ukraine went down shortly after the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave assurances to Putin that we were out of the regime change business.  This of course was a lie, and we are not blind to the fact that the Russians sometimes get the raw end of the deal in international politics.  However, to blindly believe propaganda spewed by Russia Today while decrying that all Western media is corporate PSYOPS, seems kinda lopsided to me.

As Syrian President Assad recently said, the Russians make politics based on values rather than on deals.  It is understandable that Assad would say this considering that the Russians are the only thing holding his government together.  But to ask the rest of us to drink the Russian Kool Aid is a bit much.  Do we really believe that Russia is a golden country filled with positive values and that real politek and realist policies based on national interests are solely the purview of NATO corporate lackies in the West?  Color me skeptical.
SOFREP: You told me that you see NATO as an artificial corporate construct but propose another construct in it’s place, the First Earth Battalion.  How do you see these arrangements differing from each other?

Well every corporation is a fiction, as clearly explained by ‘The Person in Imagination or Persona Ficta of the Corporation‘ by Maximilian Koessler, in the Louisiana Law Review edition of Volume 9 | Number 4 May 1949. That means that corporations are not physically real, and require actors to convince people to be enslaved (usually with financial incentive). Call it the modern form of Roman Corporate Slavery. 

This leads me to your answer in 2 points:

1. NATO is a fictional corporation, but the leaders who subscribe themselves as actors & representatives of that corporate fiction, do so by using force, even lethal force, and blackmail, and even if the people of the countries protest and complain. The leader say “We’re part of NATO so we’re sending you to war and you’re going to war” as if the country itself no longer existed and NATO was the new reality, which obviously cannot be allowed. Next thing you know, you’re half-way across the world unlawfully invading a country for a corporate fiction because of financial incentive brainwashed by garbage NATO PSYOPS. So if your country’s (also a corporation) leaders say you’re going to war, and you signed a service contract, well you’re not granted the benefit of thinking for yourself. Like a slave, they pack you up, dress you up, give you a corporate title, and force you on your way, whatever the outcome may be. So they are attempting to bind the people of 28 nations to a corporate fiction, by force. Tyranny in every sense of the word. On the other hand, the New Earth Army, is entirely on a volunteer basis, meaning there is no enslavement of the people, and you are free to come and leave as you wish, without any threat of force or danger. Basically the complete opposite of tyranny, and the complete opposite of NATO. The NEA is admittedly a Proto-Mythological corporation, hence contrary to NATO, we don’t try to fool people into thinking it’s anything more than an idea.

2. The mission objectives are entirely different. You see ultranationlistic militarism is something that Hitler wanted & promoted, and something that the founding fathers of the United States hated from the British as well. NATO discusses the “Security of the alliance”, but the problem is their corporation as well as every national corporation is a corporate fiction, again as explained in the Louisiana Law Review.

The New Earth Army’s objective is to focus on NATURAL SECURITY, rather than NATIONAL (Corporate) SECURITY.

Obviously the well being of lifeforms is included in Natural Security, but focuses rather on the protection of necessary resources, such as water supplies, which have been highly contaminated in the light of the NATIONAL SECURITY age and the well being of other life forms on planet Earth. Basically transforming, in a volunteer manner and not by force or blackmail like NATO does, the militiaries to serve the purpose of taking care of the Planet.

And I would like to clarify that there are more than 1 battalions in the New Earth Army. 1st Earth Battalion was the original one.  For example you have the 5th Earth Battalion who is led by CMDR. Sumner Carter, (US Navy), who focuses on different operations. And I’m the commander of the 7th Earth Battalion who focuses on Intelligence & PSYOPS.

SOFREP: Why do you support Russian military aggression in Ukraine?  Are they not a sovereign nation also?

The Ukraine corporation ceased to legally exist the day it’s lawfully elected president was overthrown by neo-nazis via US (Gov) & IMF funding. We’ve gotten access to information hacked from every single ministry in Ukraine and have intercepted communications from everyone to Poroshenko to IMF employees and NATO generals. Since the US, IMF and Ukrainian Ultra-nationalist have been conduction genocide, Article 31 of the Rome Statute grants immunity from criminal responsibility for anyone using force to prevent or stop genocide, and considering that Ukraine is Ethnically & Historically Russian, and that Crimea voted lawfully to rejoin the Russian Federation corporation, and that there is peace in Crimea and not in Kiev, and that even Americans such as Russell “TEXAS” Bentley saw what was happening again and decided to travel to Donbass to help them fight off the Kiev Nazis, and that we’ve been tracking the AZOV battalion and other neo-nazis regiments and leaders, and have access to their private communications, and the private communications of all the hacked information from CENTCOM, the Pentagon, Hillary Clinton, General Breedlove’s personal emails, CIA & FBI Director’s emails, etc.

Needless to say your national corporation’s internal plans & dealings have been completely exposed (And we know the US politicians don’t represent the American people, we know they have owners & investors that come before the interests of the American people). So no, Ukraine is not a sovereign state corporation, Ukraine technically died when Yanukovych was overthrown and replaced by people who allowed neo-nazis to operate in their government. Such as Avakov, Byletski & many others.

The Ukrainians descendants of Stepan Bandera, a soviet traitor who sided with Adolf Hitler in WWII, are now in power in Ukraine, and cannot be allowed to continue their planned genocide against ethnic Russians. I recognize the Crimean referendum to rejoin the Russian federation but will never recognize the Ukrainian election that established Poroshenko & Yatsenyuk (who’s since been removed) as the new dictators, as we have evidence that many teams of people were dropping multiple votes in the ballots for the referendum that made Poroshenko the new “Ukrainian President”.

That is a lot to take in, but contrary to what Alan says, our sources indicate that since NATO become involved in the Ukrainian conflict that this has led to a very serious professionalization of the Ukrainian military.  In the early months of the war, before NATO sent advisors, it is true that prisons were emptied and Ne0-Nazis were sent to help fight for Ukrainian independence from the Russian Federation.  In fact, there were Neo-Nazis fighting on both sides.  There were also communists fighting on both sides, but that is another story.

Once NATO got seriously involved last year, the Ukrainian military was transformed in many ways.  No more Mad Max missions, no more Nazis, now there was a formal rank structure, training, brigade staff functions, weapons accountability, and all of the other things you would expect to see in a real military.  The alleged genocide of ethnic Russians in Ukrainian territory is simply something that has not materialized.

SOFREP: How would you describe yourself politically?

I come, I fuck shit up, I leave. I’m Apolitical and a Hidalgo de sangre y de solar conocido from a Reconquistador and Conquistador and Roman Senatorial Bloodline. And as the Count & Duque of Benavente once told the King: The King can create Grandes de España, but he cannot create Hidalgos. Only God & Time creates Hidalgos. We’re not regulated by Spanish law but recognized & registered in Royal Chanceries such as the ones in Valladolid & Granada. The Statilius family (Astudillo) is at least 1327 years older than the Royal House of Bourbon. I don’t recognize the authority of any federal corporation in the minds of monkeys, because I know that corporations are fictions, and their leaders are actors. Our privileges, such as the right to private war, now exist outside of Spanish Law, which is even better than before if you ask me. Compartmentalization.

SOFREP: You told me previously that you were a part of Operation Storm of Vengence in order to “fuck NATO up.”  Could you tell us what you mean by that?

Operation Storm of Vengeance is basically Operation Storm of Judgment on Steroids. The objective is to shut down the NATO corporation and prosecute all their corporate actors & corporate slave-soldiers with salaries that served in the illegal invasions & wars of aggressions and coup d’etats around the world, under international law, that obviously NATO corporate slaves couldn’t give a fuck about even if they tried. It’s a 7th Earth Battalion operation, not a 1st Earth Battalion operation.

SOFREP: In regards to Russia, how to you feel about the developing cooperation between the United States and Russia in Syria?

Very satisfied with the improved cooperation between the US federal corporation and the Russian Federation corporation that was announced this morning. We want to see you guys cooperate on every possible level (Intel, Material, Civilian, Research & Development). They were allies in WWII against the Axis forces, they are going to be the key allies (more important than any European country) in order to defeat the Islamic State. The US should cooperate with Russia to remove Poroshenko and shut down the Kiev mafia & neo-nazis that have been attacking civilian areas in Donetsk & Lugansk. I’m thinking Operation Frantic. I think ex-DIA director Lt. Gen. Flynn would be a good example of the mentality of how things should be.

SOFREP: How does the First Earth Battalion factor into your opposition to NATO engagements?

NATO is a non-elected corporation which is supported by monkeys with corporate titles and by force under threats of blackmail who has been disrupting world peace and sending kids to their murderous deaths in order for the corporate owners of the Industrial Military Complex to profit off the whole game and is endangering NATURAL SECURITY of Planet Earth. Russians are part of the biosphere as much as anyone else is, they are our Terran brothers regardless of corporations, and LTC Channon designed a system of cooperation with them when they were still operating under the Soviet Union corporation back in the days, which means that to us and regardless of NATO corporate interests, the Russian people will always be key allies and part of the biosphere which we need to team up with in the interest of all life forms on planet Earth. NATO is a bigger threat to World Peace and Natural Security than ISIS could ever be. Even tonight’s attacks in France, NATO still got more of our kids (Terran kids) killed.

SOFREP: Perhaps most importantly, you reference a false NATO narrative.  Could describe that false narrative and what you believe the true narrative is?

I’ll refer you to my video reports in my answers at in Lord Chilcot’s in the UK report concerning that one. But if I can add anything to that I’d say, I never voted for them, they are committing genocide, and they don’t represent me, and the only interests they serve are the owners of the NATO corporation themselves, and they profit over the corpses of civilian & military deaths. NATO is a corporation, and a fictional & non-physical entity, the monkeys who own it profit while their corporate slaves suffer. Their declared objective is to ensure the security of member-states, but member states being also corporations are also fictions, and in reality the owners of the NATO corporation profits off the manipulation & deception of the masses, for something they truly do not have the power to do. (they can’t ensure security, so they just make money instead while everyone else deals with the backfire from their little corporate expeditions & operations which they also made money off of.) Keep in mind, NATO corporate slave officers’ personal comms are being monitored and have already been hacked.

SOFREP: If you feel that NATO is an artificially invented corporation, why do you feel that there is such a thing as nobility or royal bloodlines?  Are these not simply artificial constructs?  Under a microscope, your blood is no different than mine.

Yeah actually it fucking is man and if you ever served you should know about Rh- blood groups from medical training. And I can only received blood donations from O- and A- blood types, which is like 6% of humans on Planet Earth.

Basically if you give me A+ Blood, which has the Rh+ (Rhesus Monkey gene) proteins attached to it, it causes Acute Hemolysis Reaction if it comes in contact with mine, which causes my blood to coagulate, and clump up and then it causes my blood cells to rip and allows the sodium & water into my cells killing them, which apparently causes heart failure really fast. So yeah, the blood of 94% of humans is pure poison to mine, scientifically speaking.

Also has a symbolic meaning beyond the science behind it.  Blue Blood: 1809 in reference to the blood that flows in the veins of the old and aristocratic families of Spain, translating Spanish sangre azul, claimed by certain families of Castile as uncontaminated by Moorish or Jewish admixture; the term is probably from the notion of the visible veins of people of fair complexion. In reference to English families by 1827. As a noun, “member of an old and aristocratic family,” by 1877. (

Thing is about 6-7 centuries ago, the Royals with O- blood started inter-breeding with people who had the Rh+ factor (at the time there was no time to really know), but when they began marrying outside the family, the genetic diseases decreased in frequency, so maybe it was a good thing.

But yeah, beyond the symbolic Sangre Azul, I actually have Rh- blood, no Rhesus Monkey gene proteins in these veins here.  As for more science, I recommend you look into Genetic Memory.

Which basically means, if your ancestors for 1000 years have always been cowardly peasants, chances are you won’t be very brave. But if on the other hand your ancestors for the past 1000 years have been warriors, then you’ll probably be a natural born warrior and inherit some traits. According to modern research, there are ways to tap into genetic memory and to trigger it. Memories Can Be Passed Down Through DNA.

The premise of Assassin’s Creed [the popular video game] is the reliving of other people’s memories stored inside DNA. Well scientists have found that in mice, it actually happens! Anthony is joined by special guest and our friend Tara Long from Hard Science to explain how this process works, and if it might apply to humans as well.

Which is why in the article I sent you here: It’s basically that the reason a King can’t make Hidalgos, is because although he can give titles to people he does not have the power to transform the quality of anterior generations.

If you ever heard about the Assassin’s Creed video game series and how the ANIMUS system taps into the DNA to access Genetic Memory…Well that’s it. So although I can give you the title of say King of the United States, that can’t affect the quality of your ancestors’ DNA, hence yours, nor your blood type.
It’s purely scientific, and to be honest, the scientific confirmation of this is actually quite recent.

Back in the days, it was a law & habit, but with no science to back it up back then, it was all blind faith I guess. Today, the science is there, or here I should say.Best example: Barrack Hussein Obama…. President title… Natural born leader? Maybe not quite….  lol. You get my point.

Well, this has been an interesting ride to say the least.  Normally, we don’t cover topics quite so obscure and occult on SOFREP but none the less, Alan’s perspectives provide a different take on the world.  Suffice to say that I am a bit skeptical about the nobleness of bloodlines (my blood type is AB+ by the way) and I am opposed to the notion of hereditary positions and monarchies.  At any rate, I hope readers have enjoyed this stroll down the unlikely combination of New Age armies, European royalty, and alleged NATO conspiracies.