This is going to be the weirdest article you’ll read this week.

A e-mail hit our inbox the other day that was filled with passion and anger.  “I want all NATO officers executed in public like allied forces executed nazis officers after WWII, after a fair trial,” Alan de Astudillo wrote to us.  Claiming to be descended from Spanish nobility, Alan’s skill set includes “planetary intelligence” and “planetary PSYOPS” which he apparently puts to good use as a member of the 7th Earth Battalion, a non-military unit that is a part of retired LTC Jim Channon’s New Earth Army.  Most of you know Channon through a fictionalized portrayal of him by Jeff Bridges in the film, “the men who stare at goats.”

Jeff Bridges starred as a fictionalized Jim Channon in the film "The Men Who Stare at Goats."
Jeff Bridges starred as a fictionalized Jim Channon in the film “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”

“I gives ZERO fucks about monkey-blooded peasant slaves with fictional corporate titles,” Alan continued in his email.  “My blood and entire lineage has been nobility since Roman times and Titus Statilius Taurus, and my family is inter-married with the house of Bourbon. I really don’t give a fuck about any corporate title or fictional rank given to corporate monkey slaves. My blue blood is worth more than all your corporate titles combined,” he wrote.

Although I realized going into this that Alan and I were likely to have some political differences, his story was just too interesting not to follow up on.  Ancient European nobility, running off to fight NATO conspiracies and Neo-Nazis with a the New Earth Army, founded by a controversial New Age military officer after his service in the Vietnam War…this was not something you see every day.   Alan agreed to a interview.