In the aftermath of the attack in Barcelona on Friday, Spanish police say they are piecing together the original plot planned by jihadist terrorists which devolved into the chaos that unfolded in Barcelona and nearby towns.

Police now believe that the terror cell originally planned to deploy a series of massive car bombs, but altered the operation following an explosion at a house in the town of Alcanar.

Police have reportedly found over 120 gas containers in the house where the explosion occurred, and now believe the terrorists were using them to construct car bombs.
“We’re starting to see clearly that (the Alcanar house) was the place where they were preparing explosives for one or more attacks in the city of Barcelona,” said Josep Lluis Trapero, the regional police chief for Catalonia.”

After the house being used to construct the bombs was leveled in the accidental explosion, killing two as of yet unidentified people who are believed to be part of the terror cell, the operation shifted to a now-familiar vehicular assault in Barcelona and Cambrils.