When looking for supplements and workout equipment, there is no shortage of options.  Unless you are willing to do a lot of personal research and testing (and pay for it), the options could be overwhelming for some.  The idea behind Spartan Carton is to deliver a “complete, interactive lifestyle to your door every month. Giving you access to sample of some of the top sports and fitness supplements, clean eating and focused training, Spartan Carton enables you to find exactly what your body needs to perform.”

There are two options for subscribers to choose from, a Citizen box ($25/month) or a Warrior box ($99/month).  The contents of each box change from month to month, but they both include simple yet incredible recipes for supporting your healthy lifestyle, very specific workout routines along with advice on how to optimize them, and details about each supplement that is included.

Both boxes include the following:

Courtesy of spartancarton.com

The Warrior box also features some additional items:

Courtesy of spartancarton.com

From Spartan Carton:

Both boxes will ALWAYS have a retail value of at least what you paid for them. The consumables in the Citizen box will ALWAYS have a higher retail price than the box alone! The value of the Warrior box can be significantly higher than what you paid because of the quality gear we include.

I can definitely vouch for that based on the contents of the Warrior box that I acquired for September 2016.  Spartan Carton teamed up with former Marine Raider, Nick Koumalatsos, for this particular box and the results were top notch.