Many families have been impacted financially by the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, this year, the Special Forces Brotherhood MC (SFBMC) Pineland took it upon themselves to help children in its area. SFBMC provided over 60 presents for over 15 children in the Moore County area of North Carolina near Fort Bragg. The local paper said that SFBMC’s synchronized motorcycle cavalcade, with the riders carrying more than 60 wrapped gifts on their packs, was a sight to behold.

The group’s destination was Anytime Fitness Pinehurst, which will be the presents’ temporary home until Christmas Day.

The SFBMC Pineland often searches for ways to get involved in the local community and assist Special Forces brothers and their families in need of help or any that have suffered losses.

Anytime Fitness and SFBMC Member Gabe saw that the angel tree inside his gym had over 150 gift requests and collectively decided to put his motorcycle club to work on chipping in to help brighten the holidays of some Moore County residents this year. SFBMC did no fundraising or toy drive. Its members personally donated the gifts to help kids locally.

Christmas for Moore, a non-profit organization located in Pinehurst, stepped in to help. Christmas for Moore is a group of local volunteers committed to providing Christmas for individuals and families in need of a hand up during the holiday season.

The Christmas for Moore board members were present for the delivery and were deeply touched by the community members’ thoughtfulness.

Giving is not new for the SFBMC. The organization has charters nationwide that raise money to donate to charitable causes, usually for the Special Forces community. Yet, COVID-19 has put a huge damper on the organization’s usual fundraising efforts.

The SFBMC’s mission is to provide a Motorcycle Club for Special Forces Qualified members of the Special Forces Regiment and to preserve the ésprit de corps of the Regiment.

While the mission seems simple, to be a patch member is no easy feat. The membership is comprised of 100 percent Special Forces Green Berets. However, the organization encourages any guests to join them in their rides. SFBMC’s bottom rocker says BROTHERHOOD, meaning the organization does not claim a city, county, or state. It is a traditional non-territorial motorcycle club.

Special Forces Brotherhood saves Christmas
Members of the Special Forces Brotherhood and family members.

Special Forces charity work is nothing new, and there are more than a dozen foundations eager to help those in need. Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT) is an organization that provides personalized service, support, and advocacy solely for active duty and retired Special Forces qualified personnel and their families.

The Green Beret Foundation provides unconventional resources to facilitate our wounded members’ special needs. It also provides unique support to the Special Forces Community with the aim to strengthen readiness and uphold Green Beret traditions and values.

The OASIS Group (Operational Advocates Supporting Injured SOF) provides current and former SOF members, ex-POWs, and their dependents with a professional analysis of their claims in pursuit of Veterans Administration benefits. This is accomplished by educating SOF members on the disability claims process, retirement and disability pay, education benefits, appellate actions, and Combat-Related Special Compensation.

The above organizations and groups are just to name a few. You can go to the Special Forces Association for a larger list should you feel the need for resources or to help.