Sometimes it is weird how a picture or something you see on television can trigger a memory. The odd thing is that many times, these things can be totally unrelated to the memories that they trigger and yet, they all come back in a flash. And this one memory about being a student in the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) resurfaced precisely like that.

This is what happened on Sunday night: My wife and I were watching the Super Bowl and I made a ton of Buffalo Wings and was hoping that the sauce would loosen up my stuffed up sinuses as I’d been sick as a dog all weekend. 

So, here we are watching the game and the commercials, which are always pretty good every year, and I see Bryan Cranston (Seinfeld, Breaking Bad) doing a Mountain Dew commercial and quick as a flash when I see that maniacal grin of his as he breaks through the door, I get a flashback to the Q-Course. I immediately laughed out loud. 

My wife said that she liked the commercial too. I said, “I really liked it, but it jogged a memory and that’s what made me laugh out loud.” She asked which one it was, and when I told her, in-between scarfing down more wings, she got an incredulous look on her face…” That commercial jogged that memory of the schoolhouse?” When I said that it did, she laughed again. “You guys are soooo weird,” she said. I couldn’t agree more.