Last year, during the annual exercise Flintlock, we wrote an article about the dangers of airborne operations. As this year’s iteration of Flintlock is upon us, it’s prudent to review what went wrong when some Special Operations troops from an African country decided to conduct some airborne training.

Bad exits or landings during parachute operations aren’t uncommon. Throwing people, often laden with dozens of pounds of equipment, out of an aircraft inevitably invites trouble. Parachuting is inherently dangerous, whether the jump is static line (the parachute opens automatically as the paratrooper exits the aircraft) or freefall. Naturally, parachute training is complex and challenging to offset that risk, which is why paratroopers are often considered a step above conventional troops.

A video emerged depicting how dangerous parachuting can be if the paratroopers aren’t sufficiently trained. During one of the training events of the annual special operations forces (SOF) exercise Flintlock, which takes place in Africa, paratroopers from an unknown African country conducted a static-line jump with ludicrous and dangerous results.