In January 2019, the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) inducted 20 special operators and Medal of Honor recipients into its prestigious Commando Hall of Honor.

The honorees represent military personnel from all branches except the U.S. Coast Guard. The actions that led to their induction span across decades of American small and large military engagements. There are, for instance, inductees who fought in World War II, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

“Only those who have earned the Medal of Honor know how deep one has to reach to find the strength to perform such acts of extreme valor,” said retired Navy Adm. Eric Olson, the keynote speaker at the ceremonies in Tampa, Florida. “Those who wear the medal live under a very public spotlight, know what it takes to be the highest role model for the rest of their lives. None of them sought to be in the public eye. They always look good, Stand tall. Speak well. They go the extra mile and if you look at them tonight, you see what I mean.”

Admiral Olson served as the eighth commander of USSOCOM. He received a Silver Star, the nation’s third highest award for valor in combat, for his actions during the October 1993 Black Hawk Down battle in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Here are the latest inductees in the Commando Hall of Fame: