In an attempt to create an elite force of close-combat war-fighters, the military is pondering a revolutionary set of proposals that would include huge monetary bonuses, a significant base salary, and a minimum age of 26-years-old.

The Close Combat Lethality Task Force (CCLTF), which was launched by Gen. James Mattis during his tenure as Secretary of Defense, has been experimenting with ideas on how to make the war-fighters who are more likely to engage in close combat with an enemy as lethal and effective as possible.

The CCLTF has already reached out to the cream of the crop in the U.S. military in an attempt to better inform its proposals. In the previous months, members of the task force visited both the Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Command, and observed and talked to members of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Navy SEAL teams, and Delta Force, among other units.

The task force is addressing a very specific audience: the approximately 45,000 infantry and close-combat military occupational specialties (MOS) in the Army and Marine Corps (0311 for the Marine Corps, 11B for the Army). That number reflects only active duty personnel and not Reserve and National Guard soldiers and Marines.