Last year I had my own encounter with a pedophile ice cream truck driver, something I would have never expected. While watching television, I noticed that the sound of the ice cream truck lingered a little too long (45-60 minutes) in my neighborhood, and after looking out of the window noticing the driver was on his phone, I went out to see what the issue was.

My intention was to let the driver know that is was unacceptable to text and drive a vehicle that attracts kids. Walking up to the passenger side window, I noticed that the driver was doing a little more than just texting. After a brief scuffle and letting him know how I felt about what he was doing, the cops arrived and contacted him as well as his employer.

Needless to say, I haven’t seen too many ice cream trucks lately, and the individual is looking at a pretty good stint in jail.

Oskar Zepeda is a Former Army Ranger sniper with nine combat deployments under his belt, and a man who any bad guy would hate to see coming their way.

Oskar’s career hunting men in war-torn countries ended on a deployment Sept. 8, 2011, in Logar Province, Afghanistan. Zepeda and his team were on a mission to kill or capture a high value target. While Zepeda was clearing a house in search for the target, an insurgent pulled the pin on a grenade, detonating it at close proximity to Zepeda. “I heard a boom and then I couldn’t see or feel anything. My body wasn’t responding to what my mind was telling it to do,” said former Army Ranger sniper Zepeda.

Despite the dozens of surgeries he has undergone, ending his career on the battlefield, Oskar Zepeda would not let his injuries take him out of the fight hunting bad men. Zepeda was one of the first 16 wounded former special-operations soldiers to undergo training in the art of hunting those who are involved with child pornography, and is currently working for HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) in Long Beach, Calif., as a computer forensic analyst.

Having the type-A personality it takes to join the ranks within the special operations community, there is no question that the men and women who fight against child exploitation have gained an individual who will never quit and give 100% – and then some!