Through nearly 15 years of a war that has taken the U.S. military from Afghanistan to Iraq and battle zones beyond, one constant has been the role of Special Operations Forces in leading the charge.

A new TV series spearheaded by a former Navy SEAL goes inside this insular military culture by using first-person accounts to tell the stories of pivotal battles and some of the Americans who died in them. “Live To Tell,” an eight-episode series premiering Sunday on the History channel, uses archival footage and recreated action sequences, but the core stories are told by the U.S. fighters themselves.

“We all quickly realized that the recreations were the least interesting aspect for us. At the end of the day, the intimacy and candidness with which these men spoke carried the day. You’re getting to sit with people in a context that you normally never would,” says “Live to Tell” executive producer Peter Berg, the director of films such as “Friday Night Lights” and 2013’s “Lone Survivor.” The Wall Street Journal