Polaris’s government and defense business has been awarded a potential seven-year, $109 million contract from the General Services Administration (GSA) to build a light tactical all-terrain vehicle for the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

This follow-on contract is for the Polaris MRZR Alpha, a new light tactical vehicle. The seven-year contract has a value of up to $109 million and was awarded on May 29, 2020, following a competitive bid process.

The company was previously awarded a five-year contract worth $83 million from SOCOM in 2015 to produce the MRZR 2 and MRZR 4 lightweight tactical all-terrain vehicles for SOCOM. Polaris’s 2015 MAZR contract was awarded as a “sole-source” contract; the company was apparently the only company SOCOM deemed capable of fulfilling the requirements for this type of vehicle. 

Now, five years later, SOCOM is ready to re-up that contract after Polaris had beat out its competitors for another seven years. This time SOCOM will have Polaris supply as much as $109 million worth of new light tactical vehicles which are named the “Polaris MRZR Alpha.”

SOFREP.com got an up-close look at the family of Polaris MRZR vehicles at SOFIC a few years ago. (S. Balestrieri photo)

The company stated that it will assemble the MRZR Alpha all-terrain vehicle at a factory and R&D center in their Roseau, MN location. Polaris has operated out of Roseau for the past 65 years and has 1,500 employees working there. 

“Winning this LTATV award is well-deserved recognition for the dedication of our Polaris Defense team and the performance of our vehicles, but our real victory is the opportunity to continue serving our military customers. They demand — and deserve — the best engineering and technology, and we consider it an honor to leverage our experience as the world’s largest Powersports company to design and build the vehicles our warfighters need,” Chairman, and CEO of Polaris, Scott Wine, said.

Jed Leonard, Vice President of the company’s government and defense division at Polaris, said that the MRZR Alpha platform will improve SOCOM’s LTATV performance, durability, internal air transportability, and payload requirements.

“Polaris has had the privilege of providing vehicles to USSOCOM since 2005 and we take a great deal of pride in delivering and supporting the current LTATV,” Leonard said. “The Polaris MRZR Alpha supports USSOCOM’s requirements for durability, performance, payload profile, and internal air transportability.”