In January, the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum closed in order to conduct a complete inventory. The Museum announced that once it reopened it would fall under the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and expand to include all of the ARSOF Regiments. Therefore it would also include Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations.

Let the rumors and speculation fly. The Museum expressed the following:

“[The] rich heritage of Special Forces will continue to be showcased throughout the command; however, instead of only having access to the history in one building, it will be available to our Soldiers, students, retirees and families throughout the command footprint. Rest assured, the history and legacy of the Green Berets are alive and well and will continue to be shared and honored for generations to come.”

However, it looks as though the Museum may never open again. USASOC Public Affairs published an article in late April that stated, “U.S. Army Special Operations Command is leveraging technology to improve connections and accessibility to better inform and educate a wider audience about Army Special Operations Forces history.” Leverage technology? What does that mean?