In 1878, Henry Fleuss invented the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA), opening a new era of exploration under the sea.  Spinnaker created their Fleuss series of vintage timepieces to honor this man.  They offer two variations.  Both are automatic.  The SP-5056 series features triangulated hands and trapezoid indexes, and the SP-5055 series with a more traditional face.

There is no shortage of dive watches on the market, but what drew me to this one was the price compared to the positive reviews I had read.  All watches retail for $285 with free worldwide shipping.  I acquired the SP-5055-05 for review, and I was shocked at how quickly it arrived at my doorstep.  I had read reviews about how fast their shipping was and they all turned out to be true.

My first impression was that I couldn’t believe they were only charging $285 for an automatic watch with this level of quality.  It simply looks and feels great.  The watch uses a Seiko TMI NH35 (Japanese) movement with minute, hour, and second hands.  Each watch in the Fleuss series features a different color combination for face, bezel, and strap.  The SP-5505-05 has a navy blue bezel and face, off-white hands and dial markers, and a brown leather strap with a yellow tint to it.