Everyone knows it sucks to be the medic. Especially the medics themselves. You have to carry more shit, go to a bunch more schools, be kinda smart, and then, when the shit hits the fan, you’re dragging dudes behind cover instead of dealing death. For years, in the combat medicine world, it has been SOP for the unfortunate soul designated primary medic to mutter under his breath, “Yeah… I’m really more of a shooter, guys.” Then they tell you to shut the fuck up and carry the SKEDCO. 

Ask any SF medic or PJ, and they will tell you that it can be difficult coping with the death that comes with the job. It’s something that is always around you. It is much harder to save a life than take one.  The medic battles the reaper daily, and you want to win every time, but you will not. Sometimes, you can’t save everyone.

Which brings us to this Stars and Stripes article by Laura Rach.  Rach was embedded with the famed 212th Rescue Squadron. The 212th has been well known as an Alaskan National Guard unit who, when not saving lost villagers and plucking injured hikers off Denali, conduct Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) and medevac in the mountains of Afghanistan. Not to mention inspire an entire Italian clothing company to design clothes based upon your mission.