The Obama administration previously stated that Iran would receive $50 billion in sanctions relief as part of the recent nuclear deal that was handed to our Middle Eastern nemesis. As if $50 billion wasn’t already too much, news has broken that Iran will, in fact, receive $100 billion in unfrozen assets.

Marie Harf, John Kerry’s senior advisor for strategic communications at the State Department, is claiming that the Obama administration had nothing to do with the “rounding error” of the extra $50 billion. In fact, she is blaming the U.S. Treasury Department for that.

She overlooks the fact that the Treasury answers to the White House.

I doubt anyone will buy that excuse outside of the administration. If that was, in fact, an error, then someone should be held accountable, right? After all, we are talking about billions of dollars. I am willing to bet that no heads will roll, and no one will be held accountable.

It is apparent that accountability is only required for bureaucrats in Washington when they buck against the wishes of the current administration. Which is a shame, because in this case, not only is Iran our enemy, but our debt-ridden country simply does not have billions of dollars lying around to give away.

It is getting harder to believe that the current administration is not purposely misleading the country when they indicate Iran is only getting half of what they’re actually being given.