One of Russia’s largest state-owned weapons producers is set to release a children’s book aimed at preschoolers about a little tank that learns about the “adventures” of Russian weapon systems in “foreign lands.”

The book, entitled, “Adventures of the Little Tank,” follows a toy that was accidentally left in a museum full of Russian weapon platforms produced by the defense company, Uralvagonzavod.  It follows the little tank as it meets the full-sized machines and hears tales of the things they’ve done throughout the world.  Among the vehicles the little tank meets are the Soviet World War II era T-34 as well as a modern Armata tank. Each tank tells a story to the little “adventurer” about its exploits in combat and is accompanied by exercises such as pages to color or word searches.

T-34 courtesy of The National Interest

According to the company, Russian author Svetlana Lavrova “tells pre-school children about awe-inspiring combat vehicles in an accessible and absorbing way.”  They added that the book is intended to instill patriotism in Russian children while encouraging them to pursue interests in engineering.

Uralvagonzavod has been developing and producing combat vehicles for the Russian state for eighty years, and this isn’t their first attempt at spreading their message of Russia’s combat escapades to children.  Another book aimed at teenagers has already been released, though it drew less concern because of its target audience’s older age.  It is styled more like an encyclopedia that features a wide variety of combat vehicles and provides information regarding each one.