The Rohingya crisis in the east rages on.  The number of Syrian refugees is still absolutely staggering.  Afghani displacement remains commonplace as the war with the Taliban continues.

What do these crises have in common?  Stateless people.

It’s true, they may or may not be generally recognized as citizens by their governments, but in a world continuing to revolve around documented information, there seems to be no place for those without such documentation to begin with.

Imagine trying to navigate the United States without an ID–no drivers licence, no passport, not even a social security card to your name.  You wouldn’t be able to effectively integrate into the community without at least one of those.  It’s the authorities’ business to know who is travelling within their borders, interacting with their citizens and conducting business in their cities.  There’s a reason why every country on the planet doesn’t just let anyone in whenever they want.  As far as they know, you’re just a drifter, wanderer, or even someone with more malicious intent.  They have absolutely no idea who you are, which is partially what can make these border situations so tense.