In a world that feels like it’s gone through more changes than my SEAL training drills, there’s been a distinctive shift in the way we talk about gender and identity.

For the straight man trying to find his bearings amidst the storm of ‘they,’ ‘them,’ and ‘ze,’ the current landscape might seem like navigating a particularly treacherous night dive. But fear not, fellow straight shooter, I’m here to guide you through these murky waters with some weapons-grade wisdom.

Where’s My Manly Compass?

There was a time when a man could walk into any bar, extend a firm handshake, and plunge into a conversation about sports, combat training, tire changes, or the intricacies of a classic carburetor. Now, however, our cultural conversations have evolved, adding a layer of complexity to our dialogues.

The Straight Guy’s Briefing

  1. Decode the Language: Just as you’d master the lingo for a high-stakes operation, get familiar with the diverse world of pronouns. It’s the mark of an ever-changing society. Knowledge is power, after all.
  2. Pronouns ≠ Threat: If someone shares their pronouns, they’re letting you into a part of their world. Acknowledge it with the respect and curiosity you’d show when learning about someone’s military background or latest adventure.
  3. Stay True: Being straight and understanding the new norms are not mutually exclusive. Your identity remains intact; you’re just gaining more tools for your interpersonal arsenal.
  4. Deploy Humor: In a world filled with diverse perspectives, a sense of humor is your best ally. It helps bridge the gaps and smooth out misunderstandings.
  5. Adapt and Conquer: In the SEALs, adaptability is our second nature. So, embrace change with the same spirit you’d approach a new training regimen.

While the current narrative might seem like uncharted territory, being a straight man in this era is just about gaining a new perspective. With an open mind, a dash of humor, and the resilience of a Navy SEAL, you’ll not only make sense of this brave new world but also learn to appreciate its rich tapestry.

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