Some of the SOFREP regulars may have heard this one before but it’s a class nugget and a tall tale told to me, a young wide-eyed newbie, at the parachute riggers loft at SEAL Team Three by Jerry.

Lots of black magic rumors floated around about Jerry M at Team 3. “I heard he used to have a hollow heel in his combat boot for a bump of coke,” one new guy whispered to me as Jerry was digging in to tell us yet another strange tale from the Teams of yesteryear.

Side note: Jerry was both a master of stories and pranks. He once slipped a tin foil-wrapped black dildo into his friend’s carry-on bag at JFK. The friend profusely denied ownership which only got him to secondary inspection.

That’s the kind of stuff he pulled routinely. Check six with Jerry! Ok, on to his story.