Occasionally we meet a match made in Valhalla, and Defense Mobile is one of those matches.

I first learned about the company over beers in Manhattan a year ago from my friend Sean Drake (former Army West Point…Go Navy! Sorry Sean, couldn’t resist). With the crazed look of a Taliban, and beer spilling over his cup and onto my shirt, he began telling me about this incredible company he was working with and how they were dedicated to bringing the best cell coverage to the military community. I was in, and here we are a year later, partnering with them to raise awareness.

Giving back to our community is important to me and the fellow veterans who run this site. Last year, Force12 Media and SOFREP raised over a million dollars for military charities. Like us, Defense Mobile is committed to giving back – it’s in their charter, it’s authentic, and a huge reason I got behind this partnership in a big way.

As one of their test pilots, I’ve been on the network for a few months, and put my test phones and their network coverage through hell. I travel… a lot. I chose their iPhone 6 and 6 plus on the Sprint network, and then they switched me to the AT&T network with 100% up time. When I flew my RV6 down from Seattle to San Diego I was texting my sister who runs the Red Circle Foundation from 10,500′ over Mount Shasta (Nick Cahill our media Director was at the controls) on the Defense Mobile iPhone 6+. They have great coverage.