In “John Wick 2,” the story’s protagonist finds his way into a tailor shop that seems ordinary enough… that is until they ask him what style he wants his suit, to which Wick responds calmly, “tactical.”

The bulletproof suit Wick wears throughout the rest of the movie serves as the only thing that keeps the world’s most dangerous man alive through gunfight after gunfight.  For some, however, the idea of a piece of wardrobe that looks so inconspicuous effectively stopping a bullet may have seemed just a bit too farfetched, even for a movie about a gun-toting ninja taking on an entire secret world full of assassins.  The thing is… it might not be as unbelievable as it seemed.

Of course, in real life, taking a round to the bullet proof vest often still results in serious injuries.  Bullet resistant materials like Kevlar work by distributing the kinetic energy of the round over a larger area, but there’s still a lot of kinetic energy to disperse, leading many who have taken a shot to the vest to describe it as akin to getting hit with a baseball bat, or even a car – but a few broken ribs is still a whole lot better than having a hole punched through your lung or heart.  The problem with most bullet resistant solutions, however, is that they can often be conspicuous and uncomfortable.

An ongoing Indiegogo campaign aims to change that, with a range of bulletproof (resistant) jackets that look just like the sort of thing you might already be wearing to work right now.  They’ve got options for men and women ranging from hoodies to more formal pea coat style jackets, and from the looks of them, you might be hard pressed to tell that they offer ballistic protection on par with some law enforcement vests.