Police near Milan shot and killed the Tunisian refugee Anis Amri, the primary suspect in the Christmas market attack in Berlin. Amri reportedly traveled to Italy by train. He was stopped by police in Sesto San Giovanni, just north of Milan, asked for his identification. Amri reacted by shooting the police officer. A second officer on scene shot and killed Amri.

According to the New York Times, Amri lived in Italy in 2011 but relocated to Germany in 2015.

Law enforcement authorities issued a Europe-wide warrant on Wednesday for Mr. Amri, a 24-year-old Tunisian who moved to Italy in 2011 and then relocated to Germany in 2015. How one of the most wanted men in Europe was able to travel seemingly freely after an attack that left at least 12 people dead will no doubt be a crucial question for investigators.”- New York Times

Interior Minister Marco Minniti confirmed the shooting in a press conference (see the video below). German Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked the Italian security forces for their actions and stated “Further changes to our laws and regulations will have to be made.” Many blame Merkel’s ‘open door’ immigration policy for the attack in Berlin and growing terrorism threat in Germany. Germany failed to deport Amri even though he was reportedly in contact with IS members via Telegram and researching bomb making.