Initial reports indicate a delivery truck plowed through the crowd in Nice, France following a fireworks show celebrating Bastille Day. CNN stated at least 80 people dead and 100 injured. Multiple eye witnesses have been interviewed and have similar descriptions of the event, stating that once the fireworks ended a truck began to start driving erratically in a zigzag manner, hitting people on the street at a speed of at least 30 mph. A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said that the driver was shot and killed by police as he emerged from the truck with a gun.

Details about the driver have now been released. Investigators found the 31 year old man’s identification papers in the truck and they indicate he was from Tunisia. French authorities are still withholding his identity at this time.

While ISIS has not formally claimed the attack yet, they have threatened Europe and western countries with future attacks. At this time, there are the most likely suspect but nothing is certain. Pro-ISIS supporters are celebrating the attack with the hashtag #nice_attack on social media.