We hear little about the Special Operations units of Scandinavian nations, but in recent days the veil has been lifted, if only just a little, to give us a small look at what our allied SOF units have been up to in Afghanistan.  Policy-makers in Sweden have refused to confirm or deny any operations that Swedish troops may have participated in, but by correlating martyr biographies of dead jihadists, at least one newspaper has been able to put two and two together.

The dead are two Saudi foreign fighters who came to Afghanistan to wage the jihad and appear to have been killed in 2011.  Abdul Rahman bin Obaidullah first waged jihad in his home country with Al Qaeda before traveling to Afghanistan.  His martyr biography reads, “Self-trained in close combat and bomb-making, he took second jihadists to Afghanistan where he was killed for Swedish bullets during Ramadan fall 2010. After a confrontation he allegedly tracked into hiding. Armed with a gun and grenade wounded him three soldiers, whereupon he was shot ‘in the confrontation with the Swedes.'”

The second jihadist was Abdul Ilah Otaibi, who apparently saw action fighting American troops in Kandahar.  The terrorist propaganda reads that he was, “wounded and killed ‘with a smile.’  He was shot by ‘mercenaries’ and ‘crusaders’ from Sweden.”  That last bit will no doubt give both Swedes and Americans a chuckle.  Despite the jihadi talking points, it appears that the unit involved, Sweden’s SOG (or Special Operations Group), met with enemy resistance and returned fire in accordance with Swedish policies and the Law of Land Warfare.

Swedish SOG