There have been reports from multiple news agencies that chemical weapons have been used during the fighting in Syria. The allegations are coming from both sides–al Assad’s regime and the rebel forces. As of now there has been no confirmation that chemical weapons were actually used during the morning of the March 19th attack.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, medical sources have confirmed the death of 26 people by a rocket falling on the town of Khan al-Asal, 16 of the dead were regular soldiers, 10 were civilians.

Link to Reuters article

Claims state that there was chemical munitions within the rocket that was launched and that there was a strong chlorine smell coming from the impact area. Considering that the majority of deaths caused by the rocket attack were part of the Syrian regime, it is likely the attack came from rebel forces. With al-Qaeda’s presence via al-Nusra at the forefront of the fighting it is likely they were/are the source of the chemical weapons. If al-Nusra is the source of the attack they will surely be staking claim within the next couple of days.