I was originally sent this power article by SOFREP reader Jerry “Ol’ Jer” Sullivan. I recognized its worth immediately coupled with the timing of both the D-Day anniversary and the ANTIFA-led riots that have derailed most peaceful demonstrations.

I sent Major General James H. “Mook” Mukoyama, Jr.’s article immediately to a key person in SOFREP, namely the Managing Editor Mr. Stavros Atlamazoglou. Stavros was quickly enamored by the piece and put me to work contacting Mook to obtain permission to post his piece on our web portal.

Mook granted immediate and unconditional buy-in, farther demonstrating his grace and character as a great American patriot. Please relish the opportunity to learn from the perspective of a great American of immense courage and devotion.

By God Almighty and with honor,
geo sends


On the recent 76th Anniversary of the D-Day Normandy operation that led to the ultimate defeat of Fascism in Europe, I felt compelled to address an equally important battle for the future of our nation that is centered on the proposition that the United States of America is a nation that is systemically racist.

If there is one thing that the citizens of our nation agree upon during these times of unrest, it is that the death of George Floyd was a totally unjustifiable murder of one of our citizens by a police officer. And for those who feel that this act was representative of a problem in our society that needs to be addressed, it is their constitutional right and could be considered a duty, to assemble and protest. It is not their right to riot and destroy private and public property nor to commit other crimes such as robbery, assault, and murder thereby hijacking the purpose of legitimate legal peaceful protests.

The United States has always been and still remains a predominantly Judeo-Christian nation and, as such, in times such as this, people of faith are called to promote compassion, justice, love, peace, and healing. And I grieve and am praying for all of our fellow citizens who are angered, depressed, and suffering during this critical time in our nation.