Taiwan has become the latest Asian state to scramble aircraft in response to Chinese military operations in the waterways dividing the region.

China’s first and only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, as well as accompanying naval vessels, entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on Wednesday, prompting the Taiwanese Defense Ministry to send a Naval Frigate and a group of F-16 fighters to the region to “surveil and control” the Chinese ships as they passed through the body of water that separates Taiwan from China.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been particularly high since Beijing suspended formal communications with the state they consider to be a part of China last June.  Taiwan’s Minister of Mainland Affairs, who is responsible for policy as it pertains to China, emphasized that Taiwan has the means to defend themselves if encroached upon by China’s military, but stressed that there was no reason to overreact to the presence of the carrier.

“I want to emphasize our government has sufficient capability to protect our national security. It’s not necessary to overly panic,” said Chang Hsiao-yueh. “On the other hand, any threats would not benefit cross-Strait ties,” she added.