My goal for SOFREP has always been to take this website somewhere new and different. It would be too easy, and too boring, for us all to just sit on our asses and type away on our computers for years on end. We could do one blog post after the next about gays in the military, women in the military, sexual harassment in the military, and tell a bunch of war stories from back when we were active-duty soldiers. “…and that’s how we did it in Iraq” gets really lame after a while.

As time goes on, our experiences fade into the background and become less relevant. We become less relevant. While we are using our G.I. Bill and living it up back in the good old US of A, the world continues to turn. It reminds me of Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now when he is flipping out in his hotel room. He thinks something like, “Every moment I’m in here, I get weaker, and every moment Charlie spends squatting in the jungle, he gets stronger.” Ain’t that the truth.

On a more personal note, I’m still trying to figure out how most Americans don’t just die of boredom. To each their own, but living in New York City, I just don’t understand people. When I lived in rural America it was even worse. This country has become a giant strip mall.

Every day is exactly the same. Don’t they wonder what else is out there? I joined the military looking for adventure, and because I wanted to put assholes out of business. I left because I didn’t feel we were doing enough of that. I realized that SOFREP was the perfect vehicle to allow me to pursue my own interests, and on my own terms. As Jim Morris says, being an ex-Green Beret is even better than being active duty because you can write your own foreign policy.