No one should really be surprised that the Taliban are not only continuing the violence in Afghanistan but stepping it up and increasing their attacks on the civilian population. 

The Taliban never had any intention of sharing power with the Afghan government which they consider “puppets of Washington.” Yet, they know that the U.S. is so intent on leaving that they won’t risk getting into any kind of firefight with American or coalition troops, something that could derail the Taliban plans of ruling solo again once the coalition is gone. 

The Pentagon is worried that pulling out too soon may result in sensitive equipment being left behind. This is a legitimate concern. There has already been far too much waste, fraud, and abuse of American tax dollars — some calculate the figure to billions — for a war that’s cost the American people upwards of $2 trillion.

But even if a peace deal between the Taliban and the Afghan government were reached it would likely not last long. The Pentagon is also worried that the Taliban won’t live up to the agreement to reduce the violence.