Tampa, FL — Seminole Heights, a neighborhood that has recently been plagued with multiple, seemingly random killings, has been under the heightened police attention for the last two months. A possible serial killer has been on the loose, shooting four people who were alone at night in the area. Security footage had caught him and provided an initial description, but he has remained at large, keeping residents of the neighborhood on edge.

On Tuesday, Tampa PD received a tip that someone at a McDonald’s in Ybor City had a pistol. Bystanders would witness police swarming a red car near the McDonald’s, and after preliminary investigation by detectives, the car was towed away. Police officers took the man in for questioning, and later Police Chief Brian Dugan admitted to being “optimistic” that this could be linked to the recent killings. Rumors abounded that the gun was the same as the one used in the murders, though the investigation was still ongoing.

The police department has recently announced that Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, the subject of the tip, “will face charges in connection with four murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood.” He is 24 years old and is looking at four counts of first degree murder. In Florida, one count of first degree murder can warrant the death penalty, or life without parole at the very least.

Chief Dugan admitted that this is an ongoing situation and that not all answers will be brought to light immediately as Donaldson has only just been arrested. They have also been careful not to outright call him the suspected serial killer.