Our winners in the Open Division were. Matthew, Squadfather343 and ArcherT54. Team Room Mafia did themselves proud, with BSHORT, Chris M and Acehunterhead bringing it home.

Thanks to all of you for participating and continuing to make SOFREP.com part of your day.

The theme of this SOFREP Scavenger Hunt was our own Peter Nealen, in a blatant marketing promo of his excellent book, Task Force Desperate. You see, when you write for SOFREP, SOFREP takes care of you!

Peter came to us as a former Recon Marine, which made us happy because we needed someone to provide that content. But we’re here to tell you that Peter Nealen is far more than just a Marine writer, as you’ll see from this trivia hunt, and his post on attention whores and conspiracy theorists (oh my)….


In today’s challenge, you found your answers right here on SOFREP.com, as well as a few answers lurking over on HotExtract.com, where Peter is known to review books and games in his spare time. You also needed to look on the Task Force Desperate page at Amazon.com. Now, while we here at SOFREP love original and innovative thinking, your mission was to search out, read some content, and copy & paste your answers. It’s ONLINE – cheating is OK! Search is your friend!