Task Force Mandarin [better known as Task Force Orange or the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA)] was a support organization formed to provide signal intercept and intelligence gathering capabilities to Tier One organizations. It was a body of men and women first sent to Japan to study Ninjitzu, then on to China’s Shao Lin Temple to study Kung Fu, then finally to Iran to study the ways of the Immortals under the former King of the Persian Empire, Xerxes the Great.

Troops from Task Force Mandarin demonstrating skills gleaned from their studies at the Shao Lin Temple in China.

“But what if I don’t need signal intercept and intelligence gathering support for my mission?”

“Look, Geo… they’re here, they’re queer, and they’d like so say hello — just deal with it because they’re not going away. This is directed from –”

“ — waaay above my pay grade… yeah, I get it.”