Hello Team Room, thank you for helping us to launch The SOFREP 300. If you upgraded, you’ll receive a welcome email on Friday, Oct. 24.

Team Room members get 50% off the price of The SOFREP 300. Instead of $399 per year, your cost is $399 for two years, and your current Team Room membership fees will be prorated. And of course, the membership fee for The SOFREP 300 replaces your Team Room membership fee. The membership fee for The SOFREP 300 is a one-time annual payment, there are no monthly options.

Upgrades are now closed.

Upgrade to The SOFREP 300 and you will receive:

Private Forum For Questions and Answers: In addition to the Team Room chat and forums, The SOFREP 300 members have a Q&A forum to engage with Jack Murphy and the writing team directly. Together, we’ll build this into a solid resource for anything from travel safety to charitable cause vetting, domestic security, disaster preparation and more.

The SOFREP 300 patch

Annual Gift: Every year you will receive a special, limited-edition gift for being a member of The SOFREP 300. For December 2014, all SOFREP 300 members will receive a limited-edition SOFREP 300 member coin and SOFREP 300 member patch.

Annual Giveaway Raffle: As a member of The SOFREP 300, you’re eligible for our annual gift raffle. This year we’re giving one lucky member a RESCO Black Frog limited-edition automatic watch, handmade in Coronado California, home to the Navy SEALs.

Monthly State-of-the-REP: A private newsletter from your Editor-in-Chief, Jack Murphy. Jack will give you his personal read on everything from terrorism, travel safety, SOF standards, and insider news.

The SOFREP 300 coin

Special Invitation Events: Every SOFREP 300 member will be notified of upcoming opportunities for special events, like private SOFREP 300 book signings, early movie screenings, or join us behind the scenes on location as we film various SOFREP video productions like “Inside The Team Room,” and more. (Airfare and travel costs are not included.)

Annual Team Room Party: Last year’s Team Room party was held at the House of Blues Foundation Room which gave us breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Strip from the top of Mandalay Bay. It was an insanely great first annual event with lots of cool giveaways, and Team Room members had a chance to mingle with most of our SOFREP writing staff. This year’s party will be even better! Stand by for details.

And of course, full access to the SOFREP Team Room.

THIS IS NOT A REQUIRED UPGRADE: We hope that you’re able to join us in The SOFREP 300. But if not, you’ll still be enjoying a lot of great stuff here in Team Room and on SOFREP. You Team Room members have helped us to support our writers, and we’re very appreciative of that. We’re bringing more first-run original videos, more ebooks, more posts just for you, plus authors and editors on chat, plus the Team Room party at Shot Show, plus upgraded forums and more. There’s no downgrade here – The SOFREP 300 will only improve the Team Room experience.