I had the privilege to watch the team “Some Assembly Required” (team SAR) during their first annual 2016 Savage ThrashDown. If you’re not familiar with team SAR, it is composed of 15 adaptive athletes that compete in CrossFit competitions. They are starting to get into competitive shooting as well.

Some of the athletes are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans that were injured during deployments. Team SAR also includes civilian athletes who have had life-altering injuries or were born with congenital defects. All of these athletes have amazing stories of courage in the face of adversity. Double hand transplants, missing limbs, life-changing injuries, and scars do not prevent them from doing anything! If you love CrossFit like I do, you will have a lot of respect for the strength and competitive spirit of these men and women.

I brought all three of my small boys to the event to show them examples of extraordinary people who are not letting anything or anyone stop them from accomplishing their goals. Three things that I have always taught my sons are to never quit, never give up, and don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t reach your goal. Team SAR definitely lives up to that! Each of these adaptive athletes is one of a kind and truly inspiring to watch.