As the pot continues to boil over in Gaza with no clear strategic end in sight, the likelihood (Using history as a guide) of a large-scale attack is genuine. Especially with Foreign Intelligence adversaries taking advantage of a distracted, internally fighting America to fund and nudge terror cells into action.

The likelihood of Putin’s SVR (Their version of the CIA) being involved in the October, 2023 attacks against Israel are very real. Putin has benefitted greatly from the Gaza conflict and the headlines, once dominated by the Ukraine conflict, have switched in an instant to the Israeli conflict.

Just a few of the recent headlines that underscore an increased threat level.

“US Intelligence Warns of Potential Terror Threats in 2024”-CNN

“FBI Issues Warning on Possible Domestic Terror Attacks in 2024”-New York Times 

“DHS Alert: Increased Terror Threats for Major US Cities in 2024”-Reuters

I really wanted to take my kids to the Olympic games in Paris this summer but decided against it because I felt the risk was just too high.

I still hear the screams from JFK during the active shooter scare I was involved in, the summer of 2015, flying to New York from Frankfurt the same summer of the Paris terror attacks.