As the bombardment of Ukraine’s population centers by Russian forces continues, here are the missile, rocket, and artillery systems raining death and destruction on civilians. While the Russian army produces precision-guided weapons to hit targets, their doctrine going back to WWWII favors vast amounts of cheap unguided munitions rather than a smaller number of platforms that can hit targets precisely as is favored by the U.S. and NATO countries. The Russians have so many platforms because they are slow to retire and dismantle obsolete systems, preferring to keep them in inventory for reserve units of the Russian army or to offer them for sale to third-world countries.

It is one thing to use these weapons against military targets, but SOFREP has seen evidence of these weapons being used in civilian areas. including  220mm Uragan (Hurricane) and 300mm Smerch (Tornado) cluster munition rockets. We have seen remnants of the shell casings  from Uragan and Smerch cluster munition-type rockets as on the ground in Ukraine.

International human rights organizations are in Ukraine now assessing the extent of their use by the Russians before the evidence of these crimes against humanity are forever erased by the advance(despite valiant resistance by Ukraine forces) of Putin’s army.